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Acro Design Co. was created to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online. We offer quality and affordable website development and internet marketing solutions. Consider us an extension of your in-house team, working to further your goals and saving you the time for other business tasks.

Meet Ardy

We Create Lead-Generating Websites for Qualified Business Owners | Web Design, Web Maintenance, Web Management and Optimization

Web Design, Web Maintenance, Web Management, Digital Marketing, and Optimization


Acro Design Co. – Partner

Ardy builds lead-generating websites for qualified business owners for over 15 years now and has expertise on web design, web maintenance, web management, web optimization, and digital marketing.

Ardy highly values working with business owners who have a high sense of aspiration to further and scale their business.

He has been seeing a lot of business owners fall into the temptations of going straight to paid advertising, email and online campaigns, pushy sales tactics, marketing among others without first having a systems check. He believes that a business owner can solve 90% of his/her business concerns by getting crystal clear with his/her WHY YOU DO IT statement aka personal brand.

As a partner to Acro Design Co., it is his duty to ensure that ADC’s clients will attract potential customers for their business by providing them with a platform or online visibility that’s designed to convert based on the industry that they’re in. And this is where he comes to help business owners get more clients WITHOUT feeling pressured to step out of their integrity – consider him an extension of your in-house team, working to further your goals and saving you the time for other more important business tasks.

What if…

-  You didn’t have to worry about where your next client was coming from because we’d provide you with your very own web property that predictably gets you leads and clients?

-   You could focus more on scaling your business because we’d take care your website’s maintenance, management, optimization, and uptime?

- You could confidently share your amazing offering because we’d build you a professional system to back up your credibility and authority?


If you’re a business owner, product seller or service provider and you’re:

- not getting consistent leads from genuinely interested potential clients

- struggling to put up your offer elsewhere because you’re not techy enough to promote your business

-  don’t have enough time to do the online works because you have so much back-end works


Ardy believes that…

- you deserved to get more clients with a client-attracting website & customized business building system that consistently fills your sales pipeline with ideal clients

- you deserve to have a profitable business by putting up your offers with funnels and campaigns that you could be proud of because they represent your WHY YOU DO IT statement

- you deserve a schedule that works where you can streamline & execute an ethical and authentic client growth strategy without getting caught in burnout and overwhelm.

So, if this messaging resonates with you, Ardy would be delighted to discuss how he and ADC can be of service to you. Book here

Our mission

To help small businesses achieve their sales targets and grow steadily.

Our vision

To make small businesses more visible to the consumer and differentiate themselves from bigger rivals.

Our goal

To be the most valued business partner for our clients.

Our values

We cherish honesty, ingenuity, boldness, continuous learning and fun.

Why Us?

We're at the intersection of technology and creativity, the two single most important things to succeed at lead generation today.

We're obsessive about understanding the ever-evolving and ever-surprising consumer, which is necessary to get more leads and more business.

We love keeping up with the latest trends and developments in marketing and in fast moving markets so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Why you'll love working with us

You'll interact with friendly and knowledgeable lead generation specialists who want you to know how your marketing plan is working for you.

You'll find us eager and motivated. Eager to know your business and industry. Motivated to help you achieve milestones.

You'll discover that we go the extra mile. If we can add more consumer insights, we share them with you. If you want us to collaborate more closely with you/your team, we welcome the opportunity.

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